Jenga Board Game

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Product: Jenga Board Game


Board game of skill for 2 to 6 players.
Before starting the game you have to build a tower with the bricks, placing 3 vertically and 3 horizontally alternately inside the wooden case and, after filling it with them, set it up and then remove it. Align the tower so that the bricks are even and the tower itself is standing straight. Players try to raise the structure by taking turns removing bricks from its base and moving them to the top, placing them again as in the 3 vertical and 3 horizontal setup. The game ends when one player drops the building – and, of course, loses the game. The peculiarity of the game is that it has no winner but only one loser.
* In Jenga Colors there is a color die and players, if they want to make the game more difficult, make sure to move a brick of the same color as the die they rolled.

PLAYERS: 2 – 6
With 54 wooden blocks in a wooden case.

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